"Perfect Imperfections"

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on a piece for an art show hosted by Light Grey Art Lab, based around the theme of "camouflage". This really resonated with me on so many levels and I could not be more excited to share the outcome.  

Based on the greek proverb, "From a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn", this piece illuminates the phenomena of trying to "fit in". As I gain dynamic experiences and meet new people, I often wonder why it is that we do some of the things we do each day, to mask what we consider to be our flaws. I am 100% guilty of this. I have gone through the turmoils of body shaming, myself and being overly critical of my natural born looks. My daily choice in outfits and make up routine, was purely based on covering up and hiding parts of me that I wanted to draw attention away from, in hopes that I would appear more acceptable. Growing up, I let the ideals of others around me, become the only truth and ultimately gave their opinions leeway to cloud my personal truth. The truth was that I would never be able to measure up to "perfect". My personal battle with my self esteem took several hard turns and spiralled  faster than I was able to bring myself up again. 

Several years later I realized that the idea of "perfect", is just a facade. I understand now that "perfect" is a subjective word that is used to express an immaculately satisfying experience, from various stimuli. I knew I had to change directions within my personal narrative. I grew to learn to see myself with kinder, forgiving and loving eyes. I learned to get to know myself and what makes me an awesome addition to the world. I got to know me and I have genuinely come love who I am. 

What this greek proverb has illuminated for me is that from all flaws and imperfections, beauty can be discovered and within all perfections or seemingly flawlessness, imperfections can also be  discovered.

It all comes down to perspective.

As a society, we mask our flaws to imitate what "perfect" means to us, as a way to blend in and protect ourselves from judgement. Little do we realize it is within this act, that we nurture this vulnerability, which inhibits us from embracing and loving our uniquely beautiful selves.

We were born to shine bright as different coloured lights.


Frame is 5x28”

Materials: sculpey,  spray paint,  sterling silver


Please enjoy and share!

Camouflage Art Show



The time has come for yet another art show. I am delighted to take part of this particular theme, by Light Grey Art Lab. The theme, "Camouflage", explores what it means to each artist. What does it mean to adapt, adopt, mask, hide, blend, deceive, divert, distract or imitate? What inspires  this tendency to need invisibility or protection? 

This theme really speaks to me on so many levels and I 'm excited to share my completed work. 

Light Grey Art Lab is a remarkable gallery that has a way of calling people together, through art. Their mission is to nurture a diverse and open minded art community, across the globe, on all levels. I'm extremely fortunate to have been introduced to this gallery and I highly encourage all other artists to get acquainted them also and see all the amazing things that are happening here.


Please enjoy and share!

Pocket Altar for Meditation - QPOP Miniature Art Show

Meditation is a valuable practice and tool that allows us to connect, to ourselves and the world around us, with positive thought. In this moment of time and mental space we can channel our intentions, to remind ourselves of the love we have. This is achieved during meditation through gratitude and reigniting our passion, purpose and goals. This 'Pocket Altar' is a special and unique travel tool to help you centre your focus, away from mental clutter.

The  components of this altar are the following, carefully chosen, to represent each natural element: 

  1. Smokey Quartz-Earth
  2. Glass vial- Air
  3. Brass Antler- Fire
  4. Preserved plant and pine cone- Water
  5. Icelandic stave symbol 'Hulinhjalmur'- Spirit

Disclaimer: Meditation is an internal conversation with your personal narrative. This is not a mystical catalyst to magically transport you to another world. This is intended as an artful representation of the universe, to help you focus, as you lull away to an elevated state.

Please enjoy and share

Frame is 2x2”

Materials: Sculpey, acrylic paint, brass, gem material, organic specimen, glass.

New new, in the works..

url found banner for Qpopshop

url found banner for Qpopshop

Last week I was in Korea with my sister, on this soul-inspiring/creative design adventure, when I received an exciting email from QPOP. I was invited to take part in the miniature art show at the end of this month, April 29th, and my brain has been buzzing with so many thoughts.

Somehow, I want to make an ingot, expressing the soul of my creativity, for this 2"X2" challenge.. but there are so many themes to play with..

This is such a mind bend, I don't even know where to start!


Details coming soon, please stay tuned!



Its done!!


After a long awaited collaboration between my sister and I, we have successfully created our first beautiful art work.  We, amongst other insanely talented artists, will have our work for the "tobeyou" exhibition for  Light Grey Art Lab's 5th anniversary show. 

"Tobeyou" is about a personal narrative, tales, storytelling and memory. The exhibition opens March 3rd @ 7-10 pm. If anyone is in the area, it will definitely be worth checking out.



In case anyone was curious, here is a little bit about us as the artists and our piece.

My sister and I are polar opposites on several different levels. She thinks in 2D and I think in 3D, so when we have discussions, sometimes its not easy to translate our thoughts in a way the other will understand. When it comes to  the subject of art and death however, we share the same heart and brain. On death, it isn't necessarily in the glamorous, witchy-vampy, ominous presence with a sprinkle of zombie gore, kind of way. Although, yes.. "please sir, I want some moar". But apart from hollywood's definition of it, our disposition surrounding the matter on a spiritual level, are one and the same. 

Our take on the theme of personal narrative, tales, storytelling and memory, is to bring a beautiful physical and visual experience of how we envision "metanoia".

The term "metanoia" is defined by a profound spiritual conversion, transformation, and change of heart. 

Our approach to this was by making a sensory connection between the continuity of rebirth after  transformation. By reimagining the traditional ouroboros, we created a stylized version, illustrating a narrative on the inner turmoil of self conflict. This energy is suggested within the whiplash of the body, weaving in and out of the canvas.

Please enjoy.

Frame is 9x9”

Materials: Sculpting wax, acrylic paint, foam core. 

@angelaanthill @lightgreyartlab @briardewolfe