5 tips for a successful product shoot.


Tips for staying efficient.

A little creative team work in the making for F/W 2019 Preorder launch. We grabbed some creatives, bartenders, bankers on bikes and headed straight for the woods. There was a little motorcycle spill right before this shoot that went undocumented, but that didn't stop any of these folks from doing amazing work. The sun was blazing, the shade was refreshing and the cicadas were blaring. For a first big shoot, we went out with a bang.

Here are a couple of tips to make your photoshoots efficient.

1. Do some location scouting beforehand. 

This helps you stay efficient and keeps you from being aimless while grasping for inspiration. 

2. Delegate roles

If you have multiple shooters, know what their strengths are and let them excel in what they are good at. You'll have more shots to work with, from different perspectives and it can keep your final picks from looking the same.

3. Two by twos

Noah's ark was onto something. Try to keep the number of models/friends to shooter ratio the same. You'll avoid people waiting around and being bored, this goes for both parties. 

4. Get a runner

Depending on the size of your shoot, the best way to stay the most efficient is to find yourself a refreshment/food runner. This is will be the MVP of your shoot. If everyone else is busy, this will be YOU. Not only will you cut down on wait times, but your team will be well fed, happy and well charged throughout the session. 

5. Itinerary

Ahh, digital photography, what a blessing and a curse. Look back if you need to, but don't get caught up in nitpicking over whether or not your photos are tack sharp. If you have a storyboard, assign a time frame to getting each shot and then move onto the next look. Make most of the time that your model friends have generously devoted to you. Decide on a look, designate 5-10 minutes  and move onto the next angle/ location. Worry about whether or not its perfect, later.