Pocket Altar for Meditation - QPOP Miniature Art Show

Meditation is a valuable practice and tool that allows us to connect, to ourselves and the world around us, with positive thought. In this moment of time and mental space we can channel our intentions, to remind ourselves of the love we have. This is achieved during meditation through gratitude and reigniting our passion, purpose and goals. This 'Pocket Altar' is a special and unique travel tool to help you centre your focus, away from mental clutter.

The  components of this altar are the following, carefully chosen, to represent each natural element: 

  1. Smokey Quartz-Earth
  2. Glass vial- Air
  3. Brass Antler- Fire
  4. Preserved plant and pine cone- Water
  5. Icelandic stave symbol 'Hulinhjalmur'- Spirit

Disclaimer: Meditation is an internal conversation with your personal narrative. This is not a mystical catalyst to magically transport you to another world. This is intended as an artful representation of the universe, to help you focus, as you lull away to an elevated state.

Please enjoy and share

Frame is 2x2”

Materials: Sculpey, acrylic paint, brass, gem material, organic specimen, glass.