Camouflage Art Show



The time has come for yet another art show. I am delighted to take part of this particular theme, by Light Grey Art Lab. The theme, "Camouflage", explores what it means to each artist. What does it mean to adapt, adopt, mask, hide, blend, deceive, divert, distract or imitate? What inspires  this tendency to need invisibility or protection? 

This theme really speaks to me on so many levels and I 'm excited to share my completed work. 

Light Grey Art Lab is a remarkable gallery that has a way of calling people together, through art. Their mission is to nurture a diverse and open minded art community, across the globe, on all levels. I'm extremely fortunate to have been introduced to this gallery and I highly encourage all other artists to get acquainted them also and see all the amazing things that are happening here.


Please enjoy and share!