Workshop launch!





I am extremely excited to share and announce the very first launch of a workshop I have been thinking of doing. For a while I have been asked by some very kind friends and people in passing to host a workshop so they can learn how to do what I do. I wasn't in a position to do this at the time on several fronts of my life. Now that I am free of these obstacles, I am extremely pumped and ready to spread the love on how to model jewellery in wax. These workshops will run once a month and will have a limited space of only 5 slots. I will be introducing different materials and tools utilized in the magical jewellery making process called "lost wax casting". 

Why lost wax casting?

This method has always held a special place in my heart because it is a completely magical experience when you begin to materialize thoughts and ideas into form and form into function. It is one of the oldest and most ancient methods that humans as a species has created various forms of art. Lastly, as someone who loves to play with scale and textures in sculpture, I see unlimited possibilities with what one can create, especially when many of the techniques are so easily transferable and the combinations of marrying different mediums are limitless.

Please stay tuned for more information on the results of the workshop.

Briar de Wolfe